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  • Iowa Gold Star Futurity

    Join us for the 2015 Gold Star Futurity! The dates are Saturday, September 5 to Monday, September 7, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, IA. Gold_arrow_right
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    Updated Show Schedule!

    Click here to view the updated schedule with all the TBAs included: Updated Show Schedule 8-28-15.pdf

    Celebration of Gold Star Stallions!

    As a way to celebrate the past decade's worth of world-class stallions that have graced the Gold Star Futurity, we are running a special promotion that enables anyone with a horse that is by a Stallion that was in the program during the past 10 years to nominate for an original entry of $150 and show this year! Click here for the combined Stallion List: Decade Stallion Celebration Click here for the form: Celebration of Stallions Original Nomination Form.  

    2015 Gold Star & Fall Classic Prizebook

    Entries due August 5th!!   Download:   UPDATED Gold Star Prize List 8-5-15.pdf 2015 entry form

    2015 Gold Star & Fall Classic Judges

    Leslie Connor (US Nationals Judge) - Judging Gold Star Auction Halter, Gold Star Open Halter and Gold Star Performance Classes Steve Liebland (US Nationals English Judge) - Judging Gold Star Auction Halter and Fall Classic performance and halter Bruce Bates - judging Gold Star Auction Halter, Gold Star Open Halter, Gold Star Performance, and all Reining Chase Harvill - judging Gold Star Performance and Gold Star Open Halter Complete schedule and prizebook will be online soon!


    Why Iowa Gold Star...

    Futurities are a way to do what you love while having an opportunity to make money at the same time…

    If you are already considering breeding your mare, consider how much more valuable a foal would be if he/she could show in a futurity and possibly win thousands of $$ over their lifetime?? ...wouldn't it be a lot easier to market a foal that has this money earning potential than one that doesn't???

    Small breeders are starting to understand the power futurities have to increase market potential and to fund their horse activities -- More and more people are looking for stallions linked to successful futurities when choosing a mate for their mare. More and more people are seeking grown horses that are eligible to show in the big futurities around the country so they can win money back while doing what they love -- showing.

    Anyone who has questions about the Iowa Gold Star Futurity, please feel free to call or email us ANYTIME. We can explain the benefits of getting involved in this phenomenal program.